Services and Offerings

These are three broad categories that my services fall underneath.  Explore these to help decide how I can best be of service to you or your group.

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Spiritual Direction and Counseling

I have advised young and old in matters of spirituality for decades.  If that means going for a walk, meeting at a coffeehouse, or meeting you at your home or office, so be it. 

For those of you who would prefer to use video chat or phone, that option is also available.  

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Retreat Services

I have led 1-day, weekend, and extended retreats for all ages.  Whether you envision a day of recollection,  a retreat constructed around a particular theme, a men-only retreat, a women-only retreat, a couples retreats, or a retreat for a group of friends or an organization, I will do my best to help design the experience that you are looking for.  

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Workshops and Talks

I have given thematic presentations to high-school groups, church groups, and college alumni groups.  These can be an hour-long, an afternoon, a full day, or a weekly series.  (Ex: "Being Present in the Workplace," "Introduction to the Enneagram,"  "My Spiritual Life in College," etc.)

What's the Next Step?

If you are interested in one of the above services, the best way to start is to request a preliminary phone call with Bob.   This phone call will simply be to make sure that what you are interested in is something that Bob is qualified to provide.   To request a phone call from Bob, please fill out the form below

(Keep in mind that this preliminary phone call will NOT involve discussing either dates or fees.  Those details will be handled by a volunteer booking agent.)

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Scheduling and Payment

After your initial (free-of-charge) phone conversation with Bob, if you want to move forward with scheduling something with Bob, he will put you in touch with his volunteer booking agent (a former student).  Depending on the number of participants, the amount of time dedicated to preparation, and the length of the event, the price will vary. 

After the date, time, and financials are agreed upon, payment can be made directly to Bob Fecas via check, Paypal, or Squareup.